II. HINOMOTO KUPA - KYOKUSHIN KARATE VERSENY - VÁC2017 is the fourth year we organize the Kyokushin Karate Competition in Vác

2014-hinomoto-kupa-kyokushin-karate-verseny-vacWith Kyokushin being the strongest karate style both the sight and the experience are guaranteed to be stunning – not to mention the number of competitors.!

Even the first cup attracted 40 club and 250 parttakers to the Hinomoto competition. It was a serious challenge for those who competed, so we hope for even more contester!

Can you imagine the atmosphere?

Fights will be going on on 5 tatamis!
From 6-year olds to black belted adults, contestants can be found in every weight group!

This year KATA COMPETITION is here to make it even more exciting!

But please, answer a question first:

Are you coming as a visitor or a contender?



Please make sure you choose one by pressing the red button, so that we can inform you about every necessary detail, and let you sign up.

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